Their faces may yet be unknown, but they will delight you for sure.The numerical listing is in by no means according to their beauty, because each of them flaunt a unique beauty of their own, and true to their celebrity upbringing, they have just the right fashion sense and glamour quotient.  Ida is a teen who looks like a glamorous sister of her ever so young looking father. She often hangs out with Aaliyah, a beauty in her own regard. Jaimie is a pleasant surprise, who looks very unlike the famous comedian that her dad is, and is like a pretty little doll.

Alaviaa has taken the internet by storm with her blossoming beauty amd unparalleled fashionista-like sensibility. Ananya is a beauty, who perfectly complements her handsome father by her side. Tara is quite unlike her mother, who portrays very typically Indian roles, and her fashion sense is also top notch. Ridhima is a Desi Beauty, looking pretty in her ethnics.  Samara is also quite gorgeous.


Trishala is going viral on the internet with her hot photoshoot and her tremendous transformation from a chubby kid to a toned up goddess. Last but not the least, Shananya is also as pretty as it goes.

So here it is for the top 10 lesser known daughters of Bollywood celebs.

1. Ida Ali Khan, daughter of Imtiaz Ali Khan


2. Aaliyah Kashyap, Daughter of Anurag Kashyap

3. Jaimie Lever, Daughter of Johnny Lever

4. Alaviaa Jaffrey, Daughter of Javed Jaffrey

5. Ananya Pandey, Daughter of Chunky Pandey

6. Tara Alisha Berry, Daughter of Kirron Kher

7. Ridhima Rakesh Bedi, Daughter of Rakesh Bedi

8. Samara Tijori, Daughter of Deepak Tijori

9. Trishala Dutt, Daughter of Sanjay Dutt

10. Shananya Kapoor, Daughter of Sanjay Kapoor

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