Don’t we just have a sense of romance with our Bollywood movies? We’re so much into movies that it won’t be wrong to call ourselves as Bollywood fanatics. Almost every Friday a brilliant movie knocks at our door. We can’t name a favourite movie because there’s so much to choose from. But did you know that movies you love had even more awesomeness than you witnessed.

Oh! Don’t scratch yours head wondering what we’re taking about. We’re talking about amazing scenes that got deleted from amazing movies. These scenes would have only added to the grace of these flicks but that was not to be.

Here are the deleted scenes from some of your favourite movies.

1.  Jolly LLB 2


We heard how the character portrayed by Sourab Shukla talked about the plight of High Court Judges. There was more to it which did not make it to the final cut. This is a deleted scene from Jolly LLB 2.

2. Chak De India

Shahrukh Khan was just spectacular being the coach of the women hockey team. He was the perfect guiding light for young girls and extended a lot of wisdom towards them. There was more wisdom on offer which did not make it to the movie. This is a deleted scene from Chak De India.

3. Dhoom 3

Dhoom 3 was all about some spectacular stunts. We surely would not have complained about another one. This is an extended chase sequence from the Chicago chase which did not make it to the final cut.

4. Dear Zindagi

We loved this movie dearly, didn’t we? Now there was another lovely scene which did not make it to the silver screen. This is a scene where Shahrukh teaches life in a beautiful manner but since the scene got deleted, we could not have the leverage of it.

5. Cocktail


This was a pretty cool movie about friendship and love. This video has a series of scenes which took the brunt of the scissors. These scenes failed to make it to the final draft.

6. Salaam Namaste

It was proposed that the radio banter between Amber and Nick be a regular feature of the film. We would have certainly loved that but that was not to be. Here are the deleted scenes from Salaam Namaste.

7. Dhoom 2

This was an awesome movie. But there was more to this awesomeness which did not make it to the silver screen. Here are the deleted scenes from Dhoom 2 and these are equally as stunning as others who did.

8. Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani

In this scene, Bunny meets Naina’s mother. This is a lovely and fun conversation which was skipped from the movie. We would have loved to have this scene since we love to watch this movie time and again.

9. Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge

Now, this was the original introduction of Simran. Maybe people in 90’s would have objected a little and hence it did not make it to the final cut.