Social Media, while it is a blessing for many reasons, it is also a curse for some reasons. While we get a platform to interact with the world and show our talent to the world, with the help of social media, at the same time we feel unsafe for many reasons as well.

It works the same for celebrities as well, while they get a platform to connect with their million fans, at the same time, they have to face trollers and criticizers. With the advent of social media, it’s really very easy to simply pass mean and often hurtful comments on the celebrities for every big or small thing that they do- be it their looks, their lifestyle or their opinions.


Recently, Bollywood actress Taapsee Pannu, who is best known for her fierce movies including Pink and Naam Shabana, slammed a fan on social media for passing inappropriate comments on her with a savage reply.

Well, the fan tweeted that he loves the body parts of Taapsee Pannu, which somehow caught the attention of Taapsee and irked her.

Here, have a look at the tweet of the fan that caught Taapsee Pannu’s attention :

The tweet read :
i love your body parts”

Here, check our the savage reply from Taapsee Pannu :

The tweet read:
Wow! I like them too. BTW which is your favourite ? Mine is the cerebrum.”

Well, that was one savage reply from Taapsee Pannu and we just absolutely loved it. Although, it wasn’t the first time that Taapsee had slammed a troller or someone who tried to cross his limits with her savage replies. She knows how to handle the trollers really well and we are in love with the way she does that.

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