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A List Of Celebrities Who Wore The Most Uncomfortable Outfits In The World

Celebrities and their idea of fashion is a highly speculative venture. In order to stand apart from everyone else in the red carpet, there have been several global celebrities who tried going out of the usual blue. However, while doing so, they met themselves with extreme discomfort as well as distress, especially when in front of the camera. In this article, we list 15 such incidents in which the celebrities pulled fashion of extreme discomfort.

1. Lady Gaga is a serious ‘fresh meat’ lover as is evident in the image.

2. Yet another Lady Gaga’s natural and no make-up look.

3. An extra bit of care had to be taken by Tony Braxton that night.

4. Lady Gaga and her shoes; an unmatched love story!

5. Nicki Minaj, the cosplayer in the party.

6. Gigi Hadid’s Versace nil slip was a mishap! Do not bombard questions on her.

7. An unusual star or a greasy octopus? Only Lady Gaga can clarify!

8. Chains are attractive and so is Amber Rose. Just a little care needed.

9. A muffler in rescue for Rihana. What a fashion sense, isn’t it?

10. Traci Bingham surely did not give a second thought on her clothes as well the make-up.

11. Z Lala having some tough time. Need a rescue?

12. Lady Gaga does not seem to be the sort to wear shoes that are shorter than 10 cm.

13. The painful and tracing shoes of Britney Spears!

14. Rihana brings a whole bunch of gown with her. She could possibly set a sale right there.

15. Wait, what? Only Joy Villa has a clarification to this!

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