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7 times Priyanka Chopra had an embarrassing ‘oops’ moments

If there is one thing that Bollywood celebs consistently find themselves in, that is scrutiny and debates for anything they do. In the town of glam and glitz, the audience always expects perfection.

One tiny snap from the preconceived notion of perfection and the world burns down like a living hell for the actors and actresses.

In this story we will be looking at Priyanka Chopra and seven such moments where sje got it all wrong.

Recently, Priyanka Chopra was seen in a black floral dress where she went for a dinner with her hubby, Nick Jonas. Unfortunately, despite her desperate pleas to conceal her wardrobe malfunction with her vanity bag, it still got shot.

While shooting a romantic scene in Central Park, New York, alongside Adam Devine, she was donning on a cold pink dress. Much to her woes, Adam Devine was seen grabbing her from the back and in the process one side of her dress slipped and her cleavage got exposed.

Another mortifying moment for her was at the Vanity Fair afterparty alongside Nick Jonas. Their PDA was spotted on the camera and her wardrobe malfunction was also evident as her plunging neckline got visible while laughing.

In a show where Priyanka Chopra was crowned India’s glam diva, she looked gorgeous in the short dress but she couldn’t stop from her panty getting spotted.

Pee Cee was facing wardrobe malfunction in a black leather dress during a party whicb exposed several traits of her.

In a launch event of the song ‘I can’t make you love me’ she was seen in a net skirt and a cropped T-shirt but the flashlights made the bra clearly visible.

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