A Man Sent Obscene Pictures To Kavita Kaushik And Here’s She Handled It


In an entire world that is turning upside down in the face of an unprecedented calamity, monsters are rearing their ugly heads all over the face of the planet.


In an absolutely new and drastic development, a man sent pictures of his private part to actress Kavita Kaushik. Tagging Mumbai Police, Aditya Thackeray and the National Commission for Women India, she tweeted, “I hope it won’t be difficult to arrest this man” that was laced with the screenshots of the pictures he had sent and his Twitter handle.

In her next post, she questioned the hypocrisy of the society, citing, “Saara zor aurton pe hi chalta hai kya?’’ She highlighted the fact that how no one spoke a single word about the incident and how hell would have been raised had it been a political issue. There were no slogans raised and no questions asked. It felt like grim silence as ever.



She also pointed out the fact that if a celebrity is being behaved with this manner then how bad it would be for a girl who lives a modest life and hasn’t got any connections.

Her post about the same read, “’imagine what a threat he must be to less privileged girls?’ India has been rocked by a flurry of rapes and rape threats from every nook and cranny of the nation, not only tarnishing the modesty of the women and the nation. The number of rapes is on a new high and the criminals are walking scot-free in most of the instances.



Not only has the unfolding been confined to rapes but consistent rape-threats, unwanted infringement on the modesty of women, acid attacks against women have raked the nation left and right. With this new case that shook the social media, Mumbai Police was swift to act and took appropriate action against the perpetrator.