Chetan Bhagat Trolled TV Media By Connecting Rhea With India’s Economy

Chetan Bhagat has always been controversial with his public and media presence. With his first novel, Five Point Someone becoming a bestseller in one time, he became a favorite author among youngsters. His writings are fresh and very relevant to the lifestyles and time. His back to back book release made him a household name until he sold his novel to make movies. Chetan Bhagat reached out to a lot of people that way. He became a massively public figure. He was soon made to become a judge at a dance reality show where people saw the other side of him. However, his remarks and feedback to the participants were harsh and that caught him the bad media eye.

In no time he started getting hate from everywhere and he was considered yet another non-filmy person who got dazzled by the limelight of Bollywood.

With the recent CBI take over of the Sushant Singh Rajput case, Chetan Bhagat made a statement where he asked the nation to focus on the economy instead of Rhea Chakraborty.

Focus on RHEA. But the right RHEA. Re Habilitating Economic Activity.

It got reactions like:

If India cracks Bollywood/Drug mafia gang,punishes & lays highest fines on activities traced & then again does tax audits on them 4 black money,India can boost its economy & clean India in one shot. Rest of the money can come from penalizing Mumbai Police,Cooper Drs & Maha Govt.

Why are we seeing sudden change in your thought process?? I heard you talkin about Sushant when you had some reveals of your book and just after that this is you.. The real Bollywood human a direct u turn from a supporter to a critizer for people who are supporting

Focus of the right RHEA RUMPUS ENRAGED HUBRIS AVOIDED .. SO Mr. Bhagat we are avoiding you. No one needs your dual faced opinions

No they cant stop. Because they dont want the focus to be on important things that they dont have answers for. They hire a the news anchors and righteous actresses to keep u engaged. What better distraction than the bad world of bollywood.

This difference shows how they are gaining TRP and engagement by using his name…. And where the youth of India is heading… This is saddening situation.

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