Kangana Ranaut Slammed Ayushmann Khurana For Supporting Rhea Chakraborty

The debate on nepotism has taken a sharp change and now the question remains whether the star kids or the insiders have more chances than the outsiders. The debate has been getting constant media attention after the unexpected suicide of Sushant Singh Rajput on June 14.

We have seen that earlier outsiders like Richa Chadha and Taapsee Pannu took the sides of the insiders to prove their points. They believe nothing matters more than the talent itself. They do get their fair share of chances which are more than the outsiders but that definitely do not have any kind of impact in the long run.

Now it is Ayushmann Khuranna who joined their clan. In an interview he was quoted as saying:

“Star kids who are successful are genuinely talented.”

This sparked a fire as one of the Twitter users called this act chamchagiri.

After tapsee richa #Ayushmann Khuranna continue with chamchagiri of Bollywood mafias and star kids so chamchagiri require no guts but standing up against mafias and injustice require courage which even you lack aayushman”

This one tweet was taken up further by KRK. On his tweet, he said, Ayushman Khurana is supporting #RheaChakraborty and nepo kids for 3 reasons! 1) He has to survive in the Bollywood. 2) He is the artist of #YRF. 3) Sushant Singh was his competitor! Don’t worry khurana. Your films will also come n public will give you perfect reply. All the best.”

Interestingly enough, he was supported by Team Kangana Ranaut. The team tweeted further:

“Chaploos outsiders support mafia only for one reason and the reason is their mediocrity, nobody is threatened by them and they take full advantage of conflicts faced by few like Kangana and SSR by openly denying and mocking them .. -KR”

The battle would get to its end only after justice would be served to Sushant.

What do you think?

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What do you think?

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