Kangana Ranaut Finally Reacts To The Virat Trend ‘#ArrestKanganaRanaut’ On Twitter


Ever since the untimely death of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput, Kangana Ranaut has been on a crusade against powerful people in the movie industry, who she describes as ‘movie mafia’.She has been questioning Bollywood mafias, who are keeping silent over the death of SSR. Her statements have become a talk of the nation.

Lately, a new trend was going viral on twitter which sought the arrest of Kangana Ranaut. Now reacting to the trend, Kangana’s team in a series of tweets slammed the movie mafia and also challenged them to arrest her and prove her wrong. They wrote:

“Finally movie mafia PR has got some budget paid trend #arrestkanganaranaut is being carried out, come arrest her it will be easier for her to expose and fix movie mafia and their wrong practices, so please #arrestkanganaranaut

Here, check out the Tweet:


In another Tweet, Kangana Ranaut’s team wrote how this trend will only motivate her to expose the reality of Bollywood mafia’s. The team wrote:

When criminal cases,death threats, character assassination didn’t stop her #arrestkanganaranaut will only make her more determined, even if you get her killed, like Sushant her being will live to destroy mafia and every wrong they have done to her,please #arrestkanganaranaut”

Here, check out the Tweet:

The team also challenged that arrest Kangana and do a trial in the court as truth must come out and then either, she would win or gang must be punished. Not just this, they also wrote how if she is proven wrong, then Kangana will leave the industry. They wrote:

We want #arrestkanganaranaut …let’s arrest her and do a trial in the court of law, truth must come out, either she should win or gang changu mangu must be punished if she is wrong then she must leave the film industry forever, please #arrestkanganaranaut”

Here, check out the Tweet: