Swara Bhaskar Hit Back At People Who Claimed Deepika Took 5 Crore And Got Trolled Badly


It seems that with the meteoric ascent of Twitter in India, despite its owner claiming that Twitter holds a modicum of business here, the bulk of Indian users that have flooded the micro-blogging website stands witness to a completely different reality.

Much to the woes of everyone, this platform is vehemently used at times to accelerate the dissemination of lies and in a hapless stroke of reality, people buy it more than often. Amongst all the chaos which has been surrounding the nation at the moment, mainly revolving around Sushant Singh Rajput, an old scar of India was rekindled in the evening.

In January, India was hammered black and blue with CAA and NRC protests where the nation was polarized into two factions. One of them supported the decisions while the other was against it.

Deepika Padukone celebrated Indian actress stood against the movement with the students of JNU who were the most active protesters against the implication of this law. Much to everyone’s astonishment, a user claimed that she had taken Rs 5 crores to participate in this show of solidarity.


Swara Bhaskar came out strongly against this baseless allegation and rubbished this claim as “Outlandish and vulgar”. In the counterblast against the user who posted such information, Swara tweeted, “The kind of idiotic misinformation that is peddled ceaselessly by RW about #Bollywood is partly why we as a public accept any kind of conspiracy theory – however vulgar and outlandish! A rampant culture of stupidity…”.

The twitter user who sparked the furore with his inflammatory post, cited, “Deepika Padukone took 5 crores for her 2 minutes appearance in JNU for Anti-CAA protests while @ReallySwara could only manage a C-grade web series despite artistically screeching against CAA for an year Bhagwan kisi ko depression de de lekin Communism na de”.


On January 7, 2020, as the tensions heightened, Deepika made a surprise visit to the campus of JNU to show solidarity with the students as they stood against CAA and NRC. This was a couple days before the release of her movie “Chappak” in which she played an acid attack survivor. To ensure that she doesn’t do these kinds of solidarity acts against the government again, fellow followers started a campaign called, “Boycott Chappak” which was created in order to mass-demote the movie in IMDB with poor ratings. The trick worked.

Haplessly, for them, Deepika came out undaunted, quoting, “Unhone meri IMDb rating badli hai, mera mann nahi (They have changed my IMDb rating, not my mind).”