The Great Khali Reveals The Secret Behind His Immunity

The only positive thing that has come out of the Coronavirus pandemic enforced lockdown is that people have become more aware of a healthy lifestyle and have become more concerned about the hygiene factor. Besides this, the idea of boosting immunity has become much more popular than ever. From trying home-remedies to trusting ayurvedic products, people are looking for the best product among many options.

Meanwhile, India’s leading immunity boosting product named ‘Dabur Tulsi Drops’ has become the most discussed topic after an image of ‘The Great Khali’ went viral on social media, where he can be seen holding a bottle of a product in his hand.

In case you don’t know, ‘The Great Khali’ has always been on the receiving end of appreciation from fans and fellow wrestlers for his admirable physique. The Great Khali is the first-ever WWE world champion from India.

So when his picture went viral with that ‘mysterious’ product, it becomes an instant hit. The curious netizens just couldn’t stop guessing the secret behind his immunity. From memes to jokes, people kept guessing about the product in his hand and it became a mystery until ‘The Great Khali’ revealed the truth himself.

Khali even posted a video of himself on social media and confirmed that the secret behind his strong immunity is nothing but the product in the image, which is Dabur Tulsi Drops. In the video, the Great Khali revealed that he consumes 4-5 drops of Dabur Tulsi Drops, two times a day, which increases his immunity and saves him from falling sick. He further recommended everyone to use this product in order to strengthen their immunity.

Here, watch the video:

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Written by Unnati Madan

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