Rajdeep Sardesai Said PM Modi Should Call Sonia Gandhi And Got Trolled Badly By Sambit Patra

A video of Bharatiya Janta Party’s national spokesperson, Sambit Patra engaging in a verbal duel with popular news anchor Rajdeep Sardesai has gone insanely viral on all social media platforms, where he can be seen shutting the anchor with his fitting reply.

Well, this happened during a television debate on India Today news channel, where the news anchor Rajdeep Sardesai asked Sambit why can’t PM Modi call up Congress President Sonia Gandhi and resolve the verbal war that has been going on between both the political parties over the issue of the stand-off with China.

However, Rajdeep Sardesai’s statement didn’t go down well with Sambit Patra, who slammed the anchor for the same. He asked Sardesai if Sonia Gandhi is someone special. During the debate, he sarcastically called Sonia Gandhi ‘the Queen Victoria of India’ and Rahul Gandhi as ‘the clown prince’. He had said:

‘Why should the PM call up Mrs Gandhi? Is she anyone special. She was a part of the all-party meeting where the representatives of all political parties were present. Was she there just to have tea and snacks? Why does she feel that the PM should call her up personally? Is she Queen Victoria of India?’

He added:

‘Why should the PM call up anyone personally when there was an all-party meeting. Tomorrow, the Clown Prince (apparently referring to Rahul Gandhi) would also demand a personal call. He’s the prime minister of India, sir, not a news anchor,’ 

Here, check out the video:

The video has been making rounds on the internet and has left everyone in splits. People are hailing Sambit Patra for his fitting reply to Rajdeep Sardesai.

Here, check out the reactions of Twitterati on this:


Written by Unnati Madan

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