Meet The 10 Most Popular And Controversial YouTubers Of India

With the advent of social media, entertainment has changed its incarnation and it won’t be long before TV soaps will be a thing of the past The current generation is ardently fixated onto Youtube channels which not only creates content pandering to social causes but at times it also sets apart standards for itself through certain kind of shows, which may span from games to chit-chats.
Youtube has been a raging platform for talents across the globe that can captivate the attention of masses, delivering some message through their content or even trying to curate the burning drivers which have been doing some rounds amongst the public for a while now.
We will look at the top ten Youtubers of the nation who has been doing a phenomenal job for quite some while now and their follower-base is soaring with every passing day.

1. Carry Minati

With a subscriber base of 21.3 million, Ajay Nager went on to ace the list after his latest song, “Yalgaar” became an instant hit. One of the primary reasons which helped him to steal the limelight was the deletion of his video by Youtube, “Youtube versus Tiktok”, which was quite a fan favourite. This enraged his fans that even started a trending topic on Twitter called, “Justice for Carry”.

2. Amit Bhandana

Second, in this list, Amit Bhandana has 20.3 million subscribers. In fact, he was the first Indian to reach the magic figure of 20 million. His contents are mainly comical. He has also shared the screens with several Bollywood actors that include the likes of Ajay Devgan and Akshay Kumar.

3. Ashish Chanchlani vines

His subscriber base includes 18.6 million followers. He is one of the funniest Indian Youtubers and came to prominence with his funny video, “How to annoy people who say — Tu Mere Baap ko Janta hai”. He also featured in Alt Balaji’s Class of 2017 web series.

4. BB Ki Vines

Bhuvan Bam, one of India’s most influential Youtube monikers was the first India to hog the limelight across this channel. He was the first Indian Youtuber to cross 10 million subscribers and also became the first one to be invited to Davos to attend the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting. His latest video concerned those poor workers of India who suffered so much in the ongoing lockdown. His subscriber count is 18 million.

5. Technical Guruji

Gaurav Chaudhary is one of the extremely rare Youtubers who made it under the spotlight by doing phone reviews and other gadgets on Youtube. He also made it to the Forbes India’s 30 under 30 list. His fan base spans up to 17.1 million.

6. Sandeep Maheshwari

With a subscriber count of 15.1 million, Sandeep Maheshwari has made it big on Youtube with his pep-talk skills. He is the only one in the list who is still to monetize his channel.

7. Round2Hell

Started by a slew of three friends, Nazim, Wasim and Zayn in 2016, they invested in making comedy content. This, however, was a classic case of never give up. Initially, the response from the audience wasn’t quite promising but they continued doing their videos and shortly riveted the fanfare for all the right reasons. Their subscriber count is 13.7 million.

8. FactTechz

A channel that boasts a subscriber strength of 13.6 million, Rajesh Kumar filled his videos with facts. In fact, he made it a mandate that all of his videos will purely be based on facts and no unproven rumours will be entertained. He chose each topic and delved to its very core.

9. Dr Vivek Bindra

A motivational speaker with a fan-following of 12.6 million, Bandra creates Hindi content about business and entrepreneurship. He is also the CEO and the founder of Bada business, which runs a programme to develop small businesses.

10. Emiway Bantai

Emiway Bantai is a rapper whose fanbase is of 11.1 million. His raps in India created quite some ripples due to its singularity laced with some brilliant Indian flavour. His song, “Samajh Me Aaya Kya” crossed 67 million views on Youtube.
Other notable Youtubers in the lines of Indian Youtube content are Prajakta Koli who was the only Indian influencer to be a part of Michelle and Barack Obama’s virtual graduation ceremony, “Dear Class of 2020”. Nisha Madhulika and Sanam are other notable names.

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Written by Rohit Ganguly

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