11 Pictures That Show Why Indians Are Called The Most ‘Bindaas’ People


mid lockdown, funny pictures and memes are going viral on the various social platforms. Social networking sites have become a major source of relief and entertainment across all ages. On that note, here you will find some hilarious images which simply represent the funny side of incredible India and its countrymen. Let’s start the voyage of tickling your funny bone.

Did the puppy customize this sign somehow at the entry gate?

A forever truth, but was it intentional or visionary?

‘Jeete hain shaan se, Marte hain shaan se’, the swag level of an Indian chicken even after death!


But they look like men!

Love for pets switched the place. Well the pet is looking much peaceful than the little one who is walking beside.

A piece of precious advice indeed and it is for free!

Marriage is a summation of excessive genuineness in our country and here is the reason behind this nameplate in an Indian marriage, which is definitely a step ahead.

Now H2O comes with a Zero!

The caption of this marriage agency says it all: ‘Take wives for your Sons & give your Daughters to husbands.’

Jugaad level in India is unbeatable.

Hum Saath-Saath Hain, somewhere in Kerala!

Which one of the above images did you find most hilarious? Let us know in the comments.

Source: talescart