5 Indian Cricketers Who Battled Poverty Before Becoming Successful

Life has its own ways of clawing through extreme hardships to promised lands. If you have the heart of a warrior, no matter how tough life gets, you will find a way to hit back.

Same story applies for these Indian cricketers who has tasted poverty in its ugliest incarnation and yet hung in there, keeping his head hung high to combat the extremes of life.

We will look at five cricketers who has suffered the blast of first-hand poverty and yet managed to turn life around by the scruff of its neck and come out victorious in life.

1. Ravindra Jadeja

Until Jadeja made the cut for the U-19 Cricket World Cup where he bossed around proceedings with classic performances, he was from a very poor background, as his dad, Anirudh was a security guard in private security agency.

He shed his blood and sweat for the family until Jadeja made a name for himself.

2. Bhuvneshwar Kumar

India’s best fast bowler at the moment, Bhuvi has seen a lot of struggles with poverty as he was from a very poor family in Meerut. His father and sister have provided him considerable help in times of trouble.

3. Umesh Yadav

India’s fastest at the moment, Umesh Yadav is the son of a coal-miner. After seeing his family sink, he was torn between the decision of opting to play cricket or pick up a job to support his family.

Yadav chose the former and the rest they say is history.

4. Irfan Pathan

The man who razed through the Pakistani middle order with some extraordinary swing in the T20 World Cup finals to help India win was brought up in a mosque.

Irfan Pathan alongside his elder brother, Yusuf was brought up by his father in a mosque in Surat before both the brothers made a significant name for themselves in cricket.

5. Munaf Patel


Patel was an instrumental name in India’s 2011 World Cup triumph. However, he had an extremely close interaction with poverty as his dad used to manage someone else’s state.

A fine pacer, Munaf Patel was a regular since his inception to the Indian team.

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Written by Rohit Ganguly

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