Meet The Lesser-Known Kids Of Famous Indian Comedians

In these extremely troubled times where the world has nosedived into a swirling vortex of entropy that has been repeatedly buffeted with an unknown mutant virus, cyclones, earthquakes, economic downfalls and what not, people are looking all around for a sliver of hope. What can be a bigger hope than a few smiles? Comedians have always been a boon to humanity, making them smile in the toughest of times.

Bollywood probably has the best of the lot, who infuses so perfectly with the role and plays it effortlessly with clinical precision to spread smiles across a lot of faces.

We will look at ten sets of father and sons, where the father has rocked Bollywood with his divine comedy while the son has either chosen to stay away from the lens or picked up other ambitions.

1. Akshay Kumar and Aarav Kumar

Before picking up the grave roles of Kesari and Holiday, Akshay Kumar dived neck-deep in making people laugh and got considerable success with his comical exploits.

His son, however, isn’t your regular star-kid, feeding off his father’s fame. He is a shy young man, blushing brightly and maintaing his distance from the lens.

As of now, Aarav has clearly chosen to stay away from movies.

2. Boman Irani and Kayoze Irani


You ask for any role in Bollywood and Boman Irani will slay it with consummate ease. It is very rare that you find someone more versatile than Viru Sahastrabuddhe of Three Idiots.

Despite Boman Irani making it big in Bollywood, his son, Kayoze Irani, is still to get his leap of success. Featuring in “Student of the year”, he did manage to find a whiff of fame but it disappeared shortly.

3. Govinda and Yashvardhan Ahuja

No one wants to grow under an umbrella, specially if that umbrella is quite a shining one.

Yashvardan Ahuja found himself being compared with his dad and chose to walk his own path to make name for himself.

A 20-year old young man, has kick-started his film-making learning in London and is working closely with Sajid Nadiadwala.

4. Paresh Rawal and Aditya Rawal

Paresh Rawal has probably been Bollywood’s most versatile face and Babu Bhaiya is like a necessity for smiles across every household.

His son, Aditya Rawal, however, is a writer. He did come down the silver screens through Bombay Velvet which was an arrant flop. But when it comes to writing, Aditya was the script-writer of Oh My God.

5. Kader Khan and Sarfaraz Khan

Kader Khan has epitomised comedy in the most pompous fashion for ages. Meet his son Sarafaraz who played significant roles in Wanted and Tere Naam, however, couldn’t really get the breakthrough that he was looking for.

6. Johnny Lever and Jesse Lever

Jesse Lever nailed a significant role as a child artist in Kabhi Khusi Kabhi Gham, but he has now evolved into a fitness freak as he sports a six-pack effortlessly.

He is not into comical roles and has rather chosen for himself the serious and graveness of the screens.

7. Jaspal Bharti and Jasraj Bhatti

Jaspal Bharti brought fame to satirical comedy across Punjab but died a tragic death meeting a freak accident even before the movie came out.

Jasraj Bhatti is also a member of the cast of Powercut.

8. Mehmood Ali and Lucky Ali

Probably the most iconic duo on this list, Mehmood spread smiles across the faces of an entire generation while Lucky Ali’s music has been like a light in the dark for zillions.

9. Ashok Saraf and Aniket Saraf

Ashok Saraf’s brilliant role in “Hum Paanch” was like a bliss to an entire youth. He has also been a phenonenal moniker in the Bollywood industry.

However, his son Aniket Saraf has stayed reticent and away from the screens of fame.

10. Kesto Mukherjee and Babloo Mukherjee

Kesto Mukherjee has left an unparalleled legacy in terms of comedy. However, his son Babloo Mukherjee failed to live up to the billing of his father’s name and stayed confined to the limited roles in Dil and Isi ka naam Zindagi.

Written by Rohit Ganguly

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