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7 Bollywood Movies That Had To Change Names Because Of Controversies

Shakespeare once quoted, “What’s in a name?” Only if he had known the modern generation of snowflakes who can go to war over a name, he would have ruminated twice about using this dialogue.

On the contrary, names do actually play an extremely crucial role in case of movies. It conveys the content of the movie and also hits the right chord of a viewer, poking his interest and drawing him to the halls.

However, talking about going to wars, we have seen public breaking up in two factions and fighting tooth and nail for their lives, only for a name of the movie to be changed as it either hurt their sentiments or triggered a religious discourse. We will take a look at seven such Bollywood movies which had to change their names under surreal and staggering circumstances:

1. Haseena Parker

This movie was made around underground mafia, Daud Ibrahim’s sister. The intial name of this movie was The Queen of Mumbai: Haseena.

However, the poster sparked a major furore amongst the crowds and in order to ensure that it also received equal attention from all across the nation, the name was finally settled on Haseena Parker.

2. Total Siyappa

This Indo-Pakistan love story was initially named “Aman ki Asha”. Despite the name being a very cool and friendly one, it had to be called off due to official obligations.

Aman ki Asha is a social initiative that was spawned by the Jagran group of Pakistan and the Times group of India. They had the copyright of this name, compelling the director to opt for another headline to catch public’s attention.

3. Madras Cafe

Probably one of the best movies done by John Abraham, it could have landed into early trouble, given its political backdrop.

This movie was based on the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi and it received critical acclaims across the globe.

However, the initial appelation set for this movie was Jaffna, a place in Sri Lanka where the incident was mainly unearthed.

As per the initial judgments on the name, the critics pointed it out that in the first place this is a foreign land, which though known for its notoreity at one point in time, has also suffered a lot and did come together in reshaping itself. Hence, with the events unfolding in the nation, the pick of the name would have placed it in a bad light.

Hence, they finally went for the title, “Madras Cafe” and needless to say, this movie kept its audience shaken for days to come.

4. R…Rajkumar

This Shahid Kapoor-starrer was initially named as Rambo Rajkumar. For obvious reasons, it drew flak from the Hollywood counterparts as Rambo is a signature name across the streets treaded by Sylvester Stallone. This also led to Shahid Kapoor changing his character name in the movie.

5. Judgmental hai Kya


Initially planned to be called as ‘Crazy hai kya’ it was a downright snub by the Indian Psychiatric Society as they believed that this was extremely insensitive and insane, mocking people who suffers from mental or psychological problems. Hence, the name was changed to Judgmental hai kya.

6. Padmaavat

This movie sparked chaos straight out of the hell as India got polarised on this movie’s name.

Every single detail in the movie was questioned by groups who wanted to thwart the movie at any cost that included rape and death threats to Deepika Padukone.

After Sanjay Leela Bhansali tried to answer every single question of fans, he was still compelled to change the name from Padmaavati to Padmaavat in order to calm the sparks down.

7. Loveyatri

This was another cute love story that almost came a cropper when a FIR was about to be launched against Salman, claiming that this movie name has hurt religious sentiments of a lot of people.

This pressure compelled Salman to change the name of the movie from Loveratri to Loveyatri.

Written by Rohit Ganguly

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