‘The Skin Doctor’ Found Out Class 5th GK Paper Of PM Modi And Twitterati Can’t Stop Laughing


PM Narendra Modi on his latest address to the nation tentatively announced an extension, Lockdown 4.0. This time, however, will be a little different as there will be a new set of measures to be followed. He emphasized on policies that will revive the economic situation and for the betterment of the migrant workers. In the end, people’s expectations were turned down as he mentioned nothing about the lockdown extension in particular. The 33-minutes long speech was rebuked by the general public as no vital information about the lockdown was shared.

This act was taken sarcastically on Twitter as people started making memes out of the speech.

One user really caught our attention. He shared a piece of paper where he mentioned Modi as a student whose twisted way of answering a one-word answer is corrected by former PM Atal Vihari Vajpayee.

He captioned it as, “I’ve found out class 5th general knowledge exam answer sheet of honorable PM @NarendraModi hi”

School boy Narendra Damodar Das Modi wrote:


“France ki rajdhaani kya hai?”

“Ek rashtra ke taur par aaj hum ek bahut sham mod par khade hai. Bharat vishwaguru banner ki rash par hai. Pura vishwa Bharat ki taraf umeed bhari nigaaho se dekh raha hai. Isme France bhi shamil hai. France ki rajdhaani hai Paris.”

PM Vajpayee corrected it with a remark:

“Ek ank ka hi sawal that Narendra. Itni bhumika kyun banai?”

This post received a lot of funny reactions.

“Aur apna jaat v bta dijiyega” Ye line bhul gye likhna bhai”

“meanwhile Modi ji -“


“exclusive Picture of Modi ji during his board exams”


“Modi ji yanha busy the wanha Mota bhai 20k me Lahore kharid liye..”


hai ye sheets bharke number jyada laane ki technique hai is technique ka use humne graduation me bahut kiya pass hone ke liye”

“Kyuki kuch logo ko concept clear krwana pdta he”

“Nation to modi ji-“

“Legendary… Pehle ki sari bate was worked as suspense builder for 20 lakh crore wala surprise… And also the motive to create oneness and feeling proud to create your own product and feel proud for it…”

PM Modi had first come on live TV to the nation to discuss awareness about the COVID-19 virus situation in India on March 19, where he had subsequently announced the event of  “Janta Curfew” to be held on March 22. On March 24, he again addressed the nation, this time to announce a 21-day nationwide lockdown. Further on April 14, he extended the lockdown duration till May 3. The lockdown was yet again extended till May 17 by the Ministry of Home Affairs.