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A Troll Tried To School Twinkle Khanna To Not Sit On Books And The Actress Replied In Her Trademark Style

Actor, author, interior designer, Twinkle Khanna has always been very vocal and clear about her opinions and thoughts on just about anything. From times when people threw shade at Akshay Kumar interviewing PM Narendra Modi to she getting trolled for her posts on Karva Chauth, we have seen how brutally honest she gets with her replies. So when the time came for those trollers to report her beautifully comfortable picture, she knew she had to be blunt and give it back

She is seen posing in her habitat of stacks of books. She is wearing comfortable PJ wears, with her brown curls let loose. and completely flaunting the subdued make-up.

Some jerks had to just intentionally not look at the picture and accuse her of stepping on the books by ‘stomping her heels on them’. Well, she was clever to know that it was coming. So she had already cleared the confusion in her post where a part of her caption read, “My foot is on a stool and not a book because I don’t want to get dust on the cover”.

Read the full caption:

“Sometimes I get to do this as well- like the Madonna song ‘Strike a pose -Vogue, Vogue Vogue!’ @vogueindia P.S For the easily outraged : My foot is on a stool and not a book because I don’t want to get dust on the cover- aside from that I have no qualms with sitting on books, sleeping next to them or even keeping a pile in the bathroom to read regularly-The God of Wisdom visits you when you read books not worship them – Love and laughter from this bookworm.”

Let us go through what this people had to say before they realized that they were schooled in advance!

“Looking perfect gorgeous hot beautiful but foot on books?? Who else’s will respect books if not a writer.”

“Such a shame to sit on the books with footwear..Just Yuck !!”

“Mam Very very wrong… Your feet on books……. Very bad”

“Ma’am books pr ni baitha krte so plzz aap ye pic delete kr dijiye.main aapko trol ni kr rha hun”

It is needless to say how these people can go to extremes to seek attention by bad-mouthing about celebrities. But looks like this time they were served even before they realized. That was a fantastic move by Twinkle. She showed her witty sense of humor as Mrs. Funnybones. What do you think?

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