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Twitterati Are Trolling Ravi Shastri After Wine Shops Got Flooded On The First Day

The new extension date of lockdown till May 17 has brought the serious note to the Indians as to how the virus is still spreading like a wildfire in the country. However, this has also made the government a little sympathetic to our needs. This has called in a list of concessions to be done for the Indians under house arrest. As per the zones decided by the Central, certain exemptions have been implemented. Recently, the liquor and betel shops were allowed to re-open. After these decisions, there has been a sudden wave of supply and clashes between the sellers. The demand for such stores has drastically risen overnight. The funny pictures and viral videos have been doing rounds on social media and picturing the desperation.

Just when we thought this was enough, Ravi Shastri became the center of attention for the memes and trolls.

A meme has become viral where he is seen carrying an oversized bag with full of alcohol while leaving a liquor store.

Here is the picture from Twitter:

Soon the meme got attention from the fellow Twitter trollers and he became a scapegoat and people started reacting mercilessly on the former cricketer’s picture.

“Some one plse stop him … Khi yehh bndaa peene k baad ladne k liye na nikkl jaae CHINA se”

“*#liquorshops open in India today* Le Ravi shashtri returning from theka-“

To this picture someone replied: “You missed the earlier picture”

In this third phase of lockdown, few exemptions are done irrespective of essential and non-essential goods. However, in urban residential societies, there is a complete restriction to keep the services closed.

We can only hope that we sail through this pandemic soon.


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