Taapsee Pannu Gave A Brilliant Reply To A User On Twitter Who Crossed His Limits While Complementing Her

Taapsee Pannu is one of the most versatile actors in Bollywood at the moment. In the last 5 years or so, she has given some brilliant and consistent performances on the silver screen and earned the love and respect of her fans.

Before becoming an actor, Taapsee Pannu worked as a software professional and this is one of the reasons why her fans have a lot of respect for her. In an industry that is strongly relationship-bound, Taapsee came as an outsider and made a place for herself among the big stars of Bollywood.

Just like her acting, Taapsee is also very effective and popular on social media. She keeps engaging with her fans and also gives it back to those who try to troll her and cross their limits. In 2018, a user on Twitter crossed his limits and gave a compliment to Taapsee Pannu which was disrespectful in nature.

Here is what he had tweeted:

This tweet caught Taapsee’s eyes and she didn’t let it go alone. These days, Bollywood actresses and models have stopped ignoring creepy messages on social media and they believe more in “naming and shaming” perverts.

So, Taapsee being Taapsee, quoted this tweet and gave a brilliant reply to the user ‘Aku Pandey’.

Taapsee wrote, ‘Wow! I like them too. BTW which is your favourite? Mine is the cerebrum.’

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Written by Vaibhav Sharma

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