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After ‘Dalgona Coffee’ Now ‘Dalgona Peg’ Has Gone Viral On The Internet

As we all know, the world is facing a huge challenge in the form of Coronavirus, which has brought the daily hustle-bustle to an abrupt halt for the time being. People are under lockdown in most of the countries and India is not an exception to that as well.

While staying indoors and doing their daily work and chores, the countrymen are looking to find ways to keep themselves engaged and cut out the boredom. While some are indulging into practising music, some are exploiting their culinary skills and putting them up on the various social media platforms for the world to see.

Amidst the most popular trends during this lockdown, Dalgona coffee has come up as one such, captivating the attention of thousands around the country and the world as well. The making of this coffee takes some significant amount of time and involves some serious skills but its unique texture and taste have made people its fans all over the world. Not only the common people but the celebrities also have taken much interest in preparing this unique looking coffee while some have taken it to a new level with the introduction of the “Dalgona Peg”.

With Dalgona peg being the chief source of inspiration in this case, where the whipped coffee sits pretty on the milk in a glass, as it is seen in the pictures, Indians have started applying the same technique in making the Dalgona peg. In this case, the drink has a layer of whiskey sitting on the top of the water and people who love drinking are going ga-ga over it on social media.

As per East Coast Daily, the drink can be made by mixing water with whiskey but it surely takes some patience to get the desired result. Here are the steps to get the perfect “Dalgona Peg”.

  1. Fill a glass halfway with water.
  2. Put a clean cloth over the glass in a way that it touches the base of the water in the glass.
  3. Pour the whiskey onto the top of the cloth.
  4. Remove the cloth and et voila, your Dalgona Peg is ready!

With the Indians getting more and more excited with the latest trends like Dalgona Coffee and Dalgona Peg, here are a few of the pictures that show how popular these trends have become, lightening up this grim situation to a great extent. We hope that people enjoy their drinks responsibly while praying that this situation gets over as quickly as possible.

Written by Abhishek Majumdar

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