PM Modi Is All Praises For A Farmer Who Decided To Distribute His Vegetables Amidst Coronavirus

Coronavirus pandemic has affected the lives of many. While most of us are mentally and emotionally stressed because of the pandemic, there are many who are financially week and have a lot of other things to be stressed about, like food, shelter, medicine and other daily needs.

However, during this fight against Coronavirus, many great people of our society have taken it upon their shoulders to help the needy ones. From donating funds to arranging food for them, people are doing every bit they can to not let the poor people suffer because of the pandemic.

Recently, a farmer took to his Twitter and shared how he has decided to distribute all the vegetables from his farm in his village. In his Tweet, he shared a few pictures of the farm and also sent good wishes for the PM. He wrote:

“मोदीजी, मेरे खेती मे टमाटर,गोबी और जो भी सब्जी है,वह मेरे गाव मे विनामूल्य लेके जाने के लिए मैने आव्हान किया है… मोदीजी आप भी अपने सेहत का ख्याल रखे !! हम सब आपके साथ है”

(which roughly translates to: Modiji, I have called for tomatoes, cabbage and whatever vegetables are in my farm to be taken without a price in my village… Modiji, you should take care of your health too !! We are all with you!)

Here, check out the tweet of the farmer:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi was quick to take notice of the Tweet and come up with a reply. In his Tweet, PM Modi lauded the thoughts of people of his likes. He wrote:

देशवासियों के ऐसे सुविचार और शुभकामनाएं ही तो सबसे बड़ा संबल हैं…”

(Which roughly translates to Such thoughts and wishes of the countrymen are the biggest support)

Here, check out the tweet of Narendra Modi:


Besides this, PM Modi also lauded the efforts of many people who are now coming ahead for the welfare of society and are working selflessly during these tragic times. Here, check out the tweets of Narendra Modi:

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Written by Unnati Madan

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