Sonam Kapoor Tried To Give An Explanation But Still Got Trolled By Twitterati


On April 5, Sunday as per PM Modi’s appeal, we were supposed to observe the 9 pm 9 minutes act. People switched off lights and lit a candle or burnt a lamp to show solidarity for the countrymen. It meant that we are all in this together and that we will fight the corona pandemic together.

Meanwhile, as expected, some people took the appeal on a different level by bursting firecrackers on the streets thereby, gathering in numbers. This happened across all cities in the country.

A lot of celebs and prominent people expressed their displeasure and disgust against this act on their social media. Poet Kumar Vishwas, actors Divya Dutta, Taapsee Pannu, Sonam Kapoor Ahuja to name a few. However, for good or bad reasons, Sonam’s tweet caught the attention of the Twitterati as they started trolling her in the very next moment. She expressed her concern that people were bursting crackers around her local area and that dogs are getting scared. Here is the Tweet:


Replying to her Tweet was a noted filmmaker and social activist Mr. Ashoke Pandit. He added that for times like this they are celebrating the togetherness. At least they are not spreading the virus, unlike the people who went for the Tablighi Jamaat. He further Tweeted:

Sonam has been seen quite vocal about criticizing anything that does not follow the norms. But her brutally honest opinions catch the attention of the Netizens in quite a bad way. Given her public presence, she has often portrayed herself as daddy’s little spoiled brat with no brain at all. So when she posts such tweets, it is a tad difficult task for the people to actually agree with her. To her tweet somebody shared a picture of celebration at Anil Kapoor’s house where they were rolling out crackers and shot at Sonam asking if there were no dogs around that time. Take a look:

Sonam had further tweeted:

“Morons”did not quite go well with the people on twitter and they further served her with a savage reply. Here it is:

Coming back to Ashoke Pandit’s reply to her Tweet, she did not take a back seat. Rather she replied to prove her point. She replied:

Right after that people started shooting comments at her brainless tweets and replies and made her a joke. Cruel it might sound, but Twitterati did not leave a chance. Let us see few of the comments:

Took a defeat or not, Sonam finally shared a Tweet quoting Mark twain to put an end to this Twitter war.  Here is the tweet:

Of course, she still received trolls but that was the end of it. Do you think she really felt for the dogs? Or do you think that was a stay-at-home publicity stunt for attention?

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