Anand Mahindra Asked About The Origin Of The Word ‘Jhakaas’ And Anil Kapoor Gave A Hilarious Reply


The chairman of Mahindra Group, Anand Mahindra is not only known as a business tycoon but also known for his interesting tweets. From a unique series of innovative solutions, quality humour to inspirational stories, Anand Mahindra’s Twitter account is a must follow. He recently wanted to know about the origin of the word ‘Jhakaas’ in one of his tweets and got the explanation via a reply by the evergreen actor Anil Kapoor.

In the tweet, Anand Mahindra wrote, “I was looking for an Indian-language equivalent of ‘Wow’ which is when I landed on the word ‘Jhakaas.’ But frankly I don’t really know the origin of the term and whether it’s used only in Maharashtra. Anyone have more knowledge of it?”

The term ‘Jhakaas’ was made popular by the actor Anil Kapoor in his movie ‘Yudh’. This catchy word became so in demand that people often use ‘Jhakaas’ to praise something really good. The actor Anil Kapoor also serves this word as the veteran actor looks younger than young Anil Kapoor himself and fans can not praise him enough for this evergreen avatar of his.


The ‘Jhakaas’ man, Anil Kapoor is just the right one to explain the origin of this word as it was popularized by him from one of is film. The actor replied to Anand Mahindra, “I can’t speak to its origins @anandmahindra, but I may have inadvertently been responsible for popularizing it in 1985 with my character in the movie Yudh ️ As for its usage, “I deeply admire @anandmahindra because I think he is jhakaas!

Anand Mahindra has responded back to the actor Anil Kapoor’s Tweet as he was flattered by the usage of the word that Anil Kapoor mentioned in his tweet with the explanation. Mahindra made a witty appeal, not to file a case against him for “Intellectual Property Violation.”

Anand Mahindra wrote, “Hahahaha. Shukriya for the very flattering example of usage, @AnilKapoor And I am praying you won’t sue me for Intellectual Property violation!”

Twitterati took all the joy of experiencing this light-hearted conversation between Anand Mahindra and Anil Kapoor. One of the users of the platform wrote, “glad to see this jhakaas interaction, truly enjoyed.”

The 64 years old later shared a handmade Rakhi made by her sister for him and praise it as a ‘Jhakaas’ creation. He wrote, “Trust my sister Anuja to create a ‘jhakaas’ Raakhi every year. She made these with the help of another friend-also called Anuja-who is like a sister to us. The auto industry may be on a temporarily rocky path now, but as you can see, she predicts it going upward eventually! 😊

If you are not one of the followers of Anand Mahindra’s Twitter profile then you are already missing many more humorous tweets like this ‘Jhakaas’ one.