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Twitterati Trolled Kavita Kaushik Badly For Posting Insulting Tweet On The Return Of Ramayana

The Indian epic Ramayana holds a special place in the hearts of all those who were growing up in the 80’s. The epic was a major series that used to be telecasted on the DD national channel at that time. The actors Arun Govil, Deepika and Sunil Lahirias Ram, Sita and Laxman respectively along with other cast became household names. The craze reached its heights when people started worshiping the actors in the name of Ram, Sita,and Laxman.

The epic saga has been re-telecasted a few times after it was over. Even the early 90’s kids can relate to this. Gradually with the introduction of family dramas and new age TV shows, they outnumbered the excitement for the Ramayana series.

With the lockdown, the TV industry has been out of shooting new episodes of the various serial dramas. That made the Parliament declare the re-run of the 80’s and the early 90’s prime serials. That included the Ramayana. Majorly, people reacted positively as it will be a good chance to reminisce and also let the younger generations know about our old classics.

Actor Kavita Kaushik who is best known for her performance in the comedy serial “FIR” was not much of a supporter of this declaration.

She tweeted, “Khud toh parliament mei baith ke phone pe porn dekhte hai, humko Ramayan dekhne ko keh rahe hai.”

Tke a look at her Tweet:

Maybe she meant that the politicians are not doing much about the improvement of the nation and these are just mere distractions from the loopholes. However, given the sensitivity of the situation, India being a pro-Hindu country with the recent uproar, this tweet of hers went down really bad. She intended to take a dig at the casual attitude of the minister. Sadly, it was backfired. The people on Twitter slammed her with even more sarcastic comments.

Let us see some of the hate Tweets that she received:

Poor Kavita! She definitely did not mean to raise such huge hate for herself with the Tweet. And it is always a good chance to reconnect with the old TV serials and enjoy mythology. Especially for today’s kids, this a new treat instead of the usual cartoon shows.

Are you all watching Ramayana?

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