Anand Mahindra Tweeted The Most Light-Hearted Video On Coronavirus With A Beautiful Caption

The Global scare coronavirus is spreading faster. It has been detected in more than 50 countries and asserted over 3000 lives. Reportedly, 29 people detected with Covid 19 cases in India as of yet. Corona Virus is changing the approach of our daily lives in many ways. From personal cleanliness to greet manners to each other, people are reconsidering these usual practices.

In a recent tweet of Anand Mahindra, he shared this fact that how the global approach will change after the strike of the present crisis.

Anand Mahindra shared a tweet from TOI (Times Of India) and wrote, “The crisis will pass, but I think it’s making the world press a permanent ‘Reset’ button. 1) It’ll accelerate working from home 2) lead to more digital ‘virtual’ conferences 3) More video calls, less meetings.4) Less air travel, leading to a greener footprint. Anything else?”

It was tweeted on Wednesday and the post received 12.6K likes and 2.1K retweets. This tweet also received many creative reactions which turn into a meme fest as MR Mahindra also asked his 7 million followers to their take on this current situation.

Today, he shared the best of all memes, a Tik Tok video of a “Pooch!” from his Twitter account. He wrote, “I tweeted yesterday asking how life could be permanently ‘reset’ due to the Covid-19 virus & since then my box has been flooded with hilarious memes. This one takes the prize—I mean pooch! Smiling face with smiling eyes”

The Pooch’s Tiktok video received many reactions including many found it is very pleasing and some found it hilarious as well. This post also got several comments by the Twitterati.

In the TikTok video, a man is preparing his pet for grocery shopping by putting a mask and belts a shopping bag on Pooch’s back. Then he puts a list on the pet’s bag. The Pooch went to the market where the vegetable seller finds out the list and fills the pets bag accordingly. In the end, The dog came home by driving safely.

What do you think?

Written by Swati Suvra

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