A Twitter User Made An Emotional Photoshop Request To Krishna And He Did His Magic


Twitter user @Atheist_Krishna’s bio says he “photoshops pictures for pun” .

What did he photoshop this time that became twitter’s highlight for the day?

User @me__zakir (Zakir Husain) messaged Krishna the following text on Instagram as shown above in the picture.

“Hi, Krishna brother.


My wife is dead. My son was one day old when she died.

I have a picture with my son and I have a picture with my wife. But the three of us do not have a picture together.

Can you please edit the pictures and make it possible?”

Zakir then send Krishna the two pictures as he mentioned above and said,

“Please merge these pictures so that we have one picture together. I will frame it and hang it in my home.”

Krishna did as he was told and photo shopped Krishna’s wife into the picture with Krishna and their son.

The post currently has more than 31 thousand likes and over 4600 retweets.

We selected a few of them to show how the twitterati responded to this gesture.

“Well done” said user @imanveergurjar.

User @Madan_Chikna joked how this was something Krishna did on a daily basis and won millions of hearts.

User @neha_aks thanked him for doing this and said that small generosities done at the right moment could really change a person’s life.

User @AtulJain_charmi tweeted that Krishna should be given the next Padma Sri Award.

One user went on to say that the adorable art made him “never want to leave the app” and it was also good to see amidst all the negativity.