Tinder And Netflix’s ‘Valentines Day’ Conversation Is Trending On Twitter

With just over two weeks to go, everyone is very excited for Valentine’s Day like every year. Like every year, social media is filled with romantic posts and one-liners to commemorate their partners. And brands are in the race as well.

Recently, Tinder via their official Tweet handle made a tweet regarding the upcoming Valentine’s day. But their Tweet was with the reference of Netflix’s original show ‘Sacred Games’. Tinder wrote:

25 din hai Valentine’s Day mein…’

Here, check out the Tweet:

The Tweet went viral in no time and was flooded with hilarious replies. However, the best reply came from Netflix’s official handle on Twitter. Netflix also replied in the same ‘Sacred Games’ reference and wrote:

Bacha lena apne love life ko!”

Here, check out Netflix’s reply:

The conversation soon gained momentum and what followed was a series of hilarious replies from both the brands. The conversation revolved around to an open invitation by Tinder to Netflix – calling for some Netflix and chill. Netflix was quick to ‘swipe right’ to the offer. Here, check out the hilarious thread below:

Well, the fun isn’t over yet, ‘Durex India’ too joined the fun as they came up with a pun of their own. ‘Durex India’ also posted a hilarious Tweet in the conversation. They wrote:

Bohot na-unsafe-y hai!’.

Here, check out their reply:


Soon many other brands joined the fun too and posted hilarious puns of their own. Here, check out the replies:

Here, check out the hilarious reactions of Twitterati on this:

Written by Unnati Madan

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