Desi ‘Mother With Sign’ Is Winning The Internet With Her Valuable Advises

Mothers are the only one in this whole world who loves us unconditionally and want to protect us from every ode of this world. Someone rightly said that ‘God can’t be anywhere, therefore he made mothers’. However, mothers can’t go with us everywhere, but her advice goes with us everywhere.

If Instagram is your thing, then you must have stumbled upon the popular Instagram handles including ‘dude with sign’, ‘dudette with sign’ and ‘dog with sign’. Next in line is ‘mother with the sign’, the account has been going viral for its funny posts featuring all the gems our mothers have been telling us, since forever.

Well, the account belongs to Pranav Sapra, a guy based in Delhi, who started this account for this account. Recently, in an interview with a popular website “Scoopwhoop”, he revealed the reason behind starting the account. He said:

I was a rebel as a teenager and never listened to what my mom had to say. Now when I realise that it was all for my good, I thought of conveying this to others too. And no other platform could be better than Instagram. Kids generally do not listen to their parents in real life, but they might pay attention if their parents say the same things on Instagram.”

Here, check out some of the funniest and amazing posts shared by Pranav featuring his mother. Have a look:

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Pranav also features guest posts on the Instagram account. Like this one featuring his mother’s friend.

Netizens are in love with the unique idea. Pranav also shared the news of this Instagram handle via their Twitter handle. Here, check out his Tweet:

Besides sharing valuable advices, his Instagram handle also features some valuable life lessons.

Here, check out the reactions of Twitterati on this:


Written by Unnati Madan

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