Pictures That Look ‘Alien’ But Are From Our Own World

The curious mind always wants to be amazed. These thrilling sensation increased if one may find things which are much more exceptional, you may say it ‘Supernatural’. These supernatural things are so mesmerising that might keep you confused in search of a mystery. We are going to share a few such mystifying images for you which are not morphed and happened in our very own planet.

Keep Looking.

Blue Water:  This blue water pond looks mesmerising and is an absolute out of the world sight. You may call it crystal water as the water is transparent that one can be able to see clearly what’s underneath. It has minerals at the extremity of the pond. If one tries to pour this water into a jar, the water will lose its colour and will appear as normal water.

Deep in the sea: This image is surreal due to the ease of the diver’s edge sitting position at underwater. For many of us, deep diving is a challenge of fear indeed. But this guy went for a deep-diving and even sat calmly there on the edge.

Blue Lizard: Who would not get excited to experience such species on a big screen with Visual FX! It will exactly remind us of a Dragon then. But this tiny creature is an unusual Mexican Alligator Lizard. This lizard is now on the verge of extinction due to deforestation and loss of habitat.

Library from a Magical World: This library looks magical as if Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry got real. Well, this Royal Portuguese Cabinet in Rio was in fact constructed from Harry Potter series inspiration. Who doesn’t fall for such creation?

Thin-walled building: This is an optical illusion architecture designed by famous Chinese-American architect I.M. Pei named ‘The Gateway’. The 37-storeyed skyscrapers look like a thin paper if one could click it from a right angle.

Cassowary’s leg:  No, Dragon doesn’t breathe anymore. This leg belongs to a southern Cassowary which is almost of the size of an Ostrich.

Bat in daylight: Most bats are nocturnal. But this bat appeared at daylight which is an unusual view. This creature is harmless by nature.

Power flows: In winter, if one tries to touch a piece of warm synthetic cloth, then it will flow the static electricity to you. Also, the effect will decrease for the increase in humidity as well.

Photo Courtesy: Talescart

Which one do you find most interesting?

Written by Swati Suvra

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