Twitterati Can’t Stop Gushing About This Man Who Chased Away The Robber Like It’s No Big Deal

Getting robbed is a scary situation for anyone, especially for the shopkeepers. Imagine losing all your hard-earned money to an armed man because of the fear. Even hearing such stories send a shiver down our spines.

However, this time the tables have turned and it’s the thief who landed in a dreaded situation, when he tried to mob a Punjabi shopkeeper. Well, all thanks to the bravery and the presence of mind of the shopkeeper who chased the robber out of shop and that too while maintaining a calm demeanour throughout the situation.

The video of the same was posted by the cousin of the shopkeeper on his twitter handle. He wrote:

“My cousin gets mugged and he’s the calmest guy in the world. Just listen to him”

In the video, a Punjabi shopkeeper is busy on his phone when the robber enters the shop. The shopkeeper gets up and greets him. However, the robber pulls out a gun and ask for cash. Handling the situation very calmly, the shopkeeper opens the cash register and asks the robber if he wants ‘anything else. The shopkeeper then very smartly pulls out a metal rob from beneath the counter and starts chasing the robber while hurling desi abuses.

Here, watch the video:

The video has gone crazily viral on social media with people gushing over it and lauding the shopkeeper for keeping calm and for his presence of mind. The video has left everyone in splits. Here, check out the reactions of Twitterati on this:

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Written by Unnati Madan

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