20 Unusual Pictures We Found On The Internet

The Internet is filled with uncountable pictures. However, often while scrolling our social media timelines we see some really unusual pictures, which leaves us wondering about them. They are simply made or clicked just to amaze us or leave us baffled.

Here, in this article we bring you some of the most unusual pictures we found on the internet, have a look:

1. A crack on the stairs that looks like a cat:

2. Huge blueberries:

3. The texture of the floor and his shoes is so similar:

4. Ice looking like an eye:

5. Black cat or a shadow:

6. Meet cat – the magician:

7. The reflection of this woman in the mirror completely fits the chair:

8. The stairway looks like a beautiful waterfall after heavy rainfall:

9. Well, it’s the patter on Dog’s chest and not a cat:

10. Omg, this is freaking me out:

11. Different pattern on all 4 paws of a cat :

12. Wow, just amazing:

13. An unusual fir tree.:

14.A straight line of bubbles in a beer glass:

15. This door in a hotel bathroom can close either of the 2 doorways, lol:

16. Well, it’s the salty camera that made this guy look translucent:

17. The cat’s tail tip is colored orange.


19. Juniors doing a prank on their seniors:

20. Wow, a perfectly lined up shadow:

What do you think?

Written by Unnati Madan

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