21 Before And After Pictures Of Australia Show The Damage Done By The Bushfire

Since September, the flames which have been consuming Australia. 15.6 million acres of Australia have already burned, which is on record the worst fire seasons. So far, the fire has killed at least 25 people and destroyed 2,000 homes.

The situation is so bad that the blazes have turned skies orange and has made breathing the air in Sydney as bad as smoking around 37 cigarettes. However, the worst impact has been on biodiversity. An estimated 1 billion animals have been lost.

On Wednesday, the rain brought some relief but as per scientists the hot and windy conditions that will keep the fires burning are expected to return later this week.

Lately, a few after and before pictures of Australia shows how much damage the firs have already done to the country. Here, check out the shocking images, that will break your heart:

1. Mogo Wildlife Park:

2. Kangaroo Island:

3. Tathra Beach:

4. Kangaroo Island:

5.  Blue Mountains:

6. Wildlife Sanctuary, Canberra:

7. Genoa Bridge:

8. Mallacoota Wharf:

9. Cobargo’s Historic Main Street:

10. Sarsfield, Victoria: (2 hours before the fire vs 3 days after the fire)

11. Mallacoota’s scenic town:

12. View of Mt Cook, New Zealand from Australia:

13.Blue Mountains, Australia :


14. Betka Road:

15. One Australian Family:

16. Araluen Motor Lodge:

17. The Shoalhaven : (Same day, before vs after)

18. Somewhere in Merimbula :


20. Cobargo:

21. Batemans Bay Mini Golf:


Written by Unnati Madan

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