8 Pictures That Prove Why We Indians Are The Kings Of Jugaad Technology

Jugaad is a colloquial Indian word, which has various meanings depending on the situation. The word ‘jugaad’ roughly translates to ‘hack’ or an innovative fix or simple work-around. Following are the pictures of some interesting and hilarious jugaad people have devised to serve a purpose. From broken shower to outdoor toilet, these pictures are sure to make you laugh.

  1. Probably the most comfort seat ever.This is the picture of a person who who removed the seat of his bicycle and added a car seat for comfort.
  2. Ever seen a shoe as the outlet of a pipe.What do you do when your pipe is broken at the end, this guy just found an ingenious method by attaching a a broken shoe at the end thus making it longer.
  3. Best phone stand doesn’t exist…We all have problems with short charger wire, but this person found a way around with the short wire.He’s tied a shoe to the adapter on the switch board and keeps his phone in the shoe. Finding a way around the small wire problem.
  4. Cheapest way to enjoy a showerWe all know how costly showers are in the current time, this guy found the cheapest methods to enjoy a shower. He just takes a bucket and pops holes in them and hangs it on to a pipe and showers’ ready.
  5. Chamber of secretsI’m sure many of you are fans of Harry Potter. In the Chamber of Secrets we get to see, a scene in the washroom, looks like he took some inspiration from the movie and made this one for himself.
  6. Cheapest way to plumb your taps at homeThis guy had broken the handle of his tap and he made a jugaad by putting up a house key in place of the handle.
  7. The ancient way of serving waterWe all have had times when the plumbing is broken and there is no way to wash your clothes. So what do you do then, just attach a small vessel to it and then use it.
  8. Best TV Stand everWhat would be the cheapest way to enjoy a wall mount television, just mount the TV on a chair and hang it on the roof, as easy as that.

What are some ingenious jugaad that you have seen or heard about and put them out in the comments section.


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Written by Amith K Shinde

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