Netflix India Gave A Hilarious Reply To A Twitter User Who Shared A Number To Get A Free Netflix Subscription


We all are aware of the tough situation going on in the country, ever since the passage of the Citizenship Amendment Bill. The nation is divided into two parts, one who is standing with the government and supporting the Bill, the other one is standing against it.

From students protesting to unknown mob attacking the students, a lot of violent scenes are being observed in the country. Amidst all this, PM Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah came up with an idea, where they asked the citizens to give a miss call on a number to show support towards the passage of Bill.

Here, check out the tweet of Home Minister Amit Shah:

However, the supporters of the bill are leaving no stones unturned to make people give a missed call on this number. From making the number go viral as the ‘leaked number of an actress’ to getting the subscription of a streaming application, people are making a lot of fake news, in order to make the number go viral.


One of the fake news was tweeted by a Twitter user, where he asked the people to give a missed call on a number if they want to get a free account of Netflix. The Twitter user wrote:

Want Free Netflix subscription for 6 months?
Call 8866288662 and get Username and Password.
Promotional offer, valid only for first 1000 callers,
Try your luck”

Here, check out the screenshot of the deleted Tweet:

However, the twitter user would have never imagined that Netflix will come up with a savage reply to his fake news. Yes, Netflix India replied.

Giving a hilarious reply to the Twitter user, Netflix India wrote:

“This is absolutely fake. If you want free Netflix please use someone else’s account like the rest of us.”

Here, check out the tweet of Netflix:

Here, check out the reactions of Twitterati on this: