Anand Mahindra Is Very Impressed With The Video Of An Old Woman Dancing While Cooking

It is seldom that we see business tycoons come up with anything which is far from the serious matters of business and the number of games. The chairman of the Mahindra Group, Anand Mahindra, reversed that notion with a beautiful tweet, which was morale-boosting as well.

Earlier today, the chairman of the Mahindra group, who is quite active on the social media platforms, took to his twitter account to post a heartwarming video of an aged woman dancing while cooking. Her reflexes were too good given her age and she was looking extremely happy while performing both the tasks with absolute grace and poise.

Along with the video, Mr. Mahindra also posted a heart-warming message on twitter. He wrote, “Like all of you, I received a tsunami of video messages for the New Year. This one’s my top of the pops. I don’t know who this lady is or where this video was shot, but she has gotten me into a Friday mood & the 1st thing I’m going to do when I get home is to practice her moves!”

Mr. Mahindra is known for being active on social media platforms, especially on Twitter. The
chairman of Mahindra Group keeps posting about various activities on Twitter, which is not
necessarily related to the business world. He has also posted about movies, Netflix, as well as about the different types of current affairs that have been taking place all over the world. His recent tweet about the escape of the Brazilian-born French businessman Carlos Ghosn, who managed to escape from Japan after being convicted for money laundering fraud, was presented in a brilliant manner. The tweet was brilliantly presented in a rather witty manner, which brought to light the humorous side of the business tycoon.

Mr. Mahindra’s tweet said, “The 21st-century version of the ‘Prisoner of Zenda.’ The world enjoys a Great Escape. I eagerly await a Netflix/HBO/Amazon epic series. In the meantime,
@MahindraAdvntr has a #GreatEscape off-roading adventure … Ours is totally in accordance with the law!”

As we can see, the witty presentation of the tweet not only consists of a pun which is intended
towards the escape of Carlos Ghosn from Japan but also presents a particular product of the Mahindra group, reminiscent of the brilliant marketing strategy of Mahindra group. His tweet quoted the original tweet from Bloomberg Quint, which focussed on the most famous white-collar fugitives,
including the likes of Malaysian businessman Jho Low and Indian tycoon Vijay Mallya.

The Netizens were more than happy to respond to the tweet that Mr. Mahindra posted on Twitter,
which shows that he is one of the most popular persons in India as far as social media platforms.

Who, according to you, are popular celebrities or business persons in India? Let us know your

Written by Unnati Madan

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