25 Funny ‘Gonna Tell My Kids’ Memes That Went Viral

Social media remains undefeated with its hilarious content that never fails to make our dull day. Every day we see so many things going viral on the internet. The creatives minds on the internet keep entertaining us with their creativity.

So, this time, the netizens are having a blast with their latest creation, where they are tweeting about their plans to lead their children with false things. Twitterati is simply picking up iconic historical figures, celebrities, movie characters, or any significant moment they witnessed in their lifetimes and are pairing up with someone who either matches a similar vibe or is the complete opposite of it.

Here, we bring you some of the funniest “gonna tell my kids” memes for you:

1. Gonna tell my kids this is ‘Bhagwaan’ as well:

2. Uff:

3. The greatest invention till now:

4. Lol:

5. Because these AK-47 burned many dance floors:

6. This happens only in India:

7.  True that:

8. LMAO:

9. Because Shaktiman > Avengers. 

10. Yeah, the noble prize winner Salman Khan:

11.  Because they are love:

12. Hahaha:

13. Thank you:

14. Right where is hurts:

15. Pretty much:

16. Epic:

17. Yeah right:

18. We love him:

19. This made me nostalgic:

20. Hilarious this is:

21. Babu Rao Jonas, Raju Jonas And Shyam Jonas:

22. Epic one:

23. Cannot Unsee:

24. And he wrote the best poetries:

25. And this hurts so bad:

Written by Unnati Madan

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