15 Pictures That Proves Indian Cops Are The Coolest In The World

Be it rainy, chilly or drenching summers, cops are always on their duty ensuring our safety and maintaining law and order in the city. However, being a cop isn’t an easy job. It requires a lot of physical and mental strength and dealing with criminals and different kinds of people every day makes this job even tougher.

But our cops know how to deal with different kind of people and remain cool. And when it comes to playing it cool, no one comes close to the Indian cops. Be it the “thaai-thaai” incident that shocked the incident or Delhi traffic cop’s raping skills that rocked the internet, there have been many incidents which proves this fact.

Here we bring you some more proves that Indian cops are the coolest, have a look:

1. Because they can do their duty and moonwalk together:

2. Reclaim your dhoti man:

3. Hello..can you hear me?:

4. Because carrying real guns on duty is too old school:

5. This happens only in India:

6. Because havai-chappals are still the best:

7. The alternate route, would you like to take it?:

8. Assistance:

9. Who’s the boss?:

10. Because traffic rules are for the citizens only:

11. Favorite hobby of cops:

12. What are they even trying to do?:

13. Genuine mark of Indian cops:

14. Street only for homosexuals:

15. Okay! enough!

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Written by Unnati Madan

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