Woman Complained Of Fly In Her Biryani, Zomato Executive Gave An Unexpected Reply

When it comes to giving savage and witty replies, Zomato never fails to impress us. Be it giving quirky replies to its customers or giving it back in ‘shudh Hindi’ there have been many times when Zomato’s conversations with their customers have gone viral.

The latest conversation that has gone viral is between a Zomato executive and a Delhi woman named Bhagyashree. The conversation went viral for all the hilarious reasons.

Bhagyashree had placed an order for Biryani, however, she saw a fly in her meal and being disappointed, she decided to share the matter with the executive at Zomato. She complained the customer care about the ‘extra topping’ in her meal. She wrote:

“Got the biryani delivered with an extra topping of a dead roasted house fly. I am getting tired of the quality and service.”

The Zomato executive replied in a very polite manner however mistakenly asked the restaurant to add one more roasted fly as ‘extra-topping’ in her biryani. They wrote:

“I have updated the same to the restaurant, they will add an extra topping of dead roasted house fly in your biryani.”

Here, have a look at the conversation shared by the girl below:

Here, check out the images:

Here, have a look at the reactions of twitterati on this hilarious conversation:

Written by Unnati Madan

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