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12 Unseen Pictures Of Bollywood “Sharabi” Celebrities That Got Leaked

Even Bollywood celebrities are human beings and even they like to relish parties that uplift their mood and get them going in an otherwise hectic schedule. However, the aftermath of these hedonistic gatherings is quite hilarious that fills the air with laughter and thrilling cries of joy. Everything remains on track unless someone decides to put these cringe-worthy snaps online or leak them to intimate friends.

What else would your friends want other than their chums are getting mortified in the friend’s circle? Unfortunately, not always does this end to the fringes of friends circle but at times it spills over to the world as social media steps up with pomp and vigour and paints a humiliating ray of light against your name. Netizens love to gorge upon such controversies and the fans savour a good deal of chatter when it comes to scandals and leakages. We will take a quick look at a few snaps of embarrassment that wreaked havoc in the after-parties.

  1. Ranveer Singh auditioned for ‘Jahapana tussi great ho, taufa kabool karo”

Ranveer Singh was all over the place in this party and he tripped the light fantastic in the most exuberant fashion that one would hope for. Clearly, alcohol is the diviner here.

  1. Aunty ne police ko bula hi liya

Unfortunately, this party that is teeming with stars and was convened by KJo, is now the crux of NCB’s investigations.

  1. Vampire alert!

In terms of cameras, this is an easily addressable flaw called the ‘Red-eye-reduction’. However, this picture needs no correction as we have a hell lot of blood-sucking vampires flaunting themselves at the after-party of Rustom.

  1. Scream, Ameesha, scream!

This snap of Ameesha Patel displays how happy she is and the way she screams in ecstasy after pouring herself a drink is what sums the beauty of the picture.

  1. Hrithik is on the brink of tipping over

As this infamous snap suggests, Hrithik will tip over Ameesha at any point in time.

  1. Come sleep, let’s have a dance together

This picture is teeming with sleepyheads at the big bash on the birthday of Farah Khan.

  1. A free drink for a gorgeous woman?

Veena Malik is seen being fed booze by Ashmit Patel in this flamboyant display of colours.

  1. Free hugs and kisses, no, lets strike over the hugs part!

Veena Malik and Bobby Darling pose in the pout-face reaction for this wonderful shot between the besotted glances of a party.

  1. This is where I kept my treasure hidden

Vijay Mallya seemed to speak his heart out in this unheard conversation with Preity Zinta.

  1. Dance Basanti dance!

Vidya Balan and Ekta Kapoor are seen grooving at a party in what you would call wondrous tipping of the toes.

  1. The content of this image is unclear

This image comprises some weird and deep stuff that is invisible and enigmatic to the human eye.

  1. No Veena has ever been plucked this hard

The way Shakti Kapoor pours in all the passion for kissing Veena Kapoor in this image will make your heads turn.


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