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10 Times People Chose Most Funny And Weird Names For The Schools And Institutions

Education is one of the biggest sector of India. It is through education that the whole nation prospers and develops manifold. This is why the importance of this sector is highly regarded and looked after. In the recent run, there have been several discrepancies. One of the most common out of all the lengths is the hilarious names that the trustees come up with for their educational institution. In this article, we bring to you a list of such utterly funny names that any institution has ever taken up.

1. Inception

This particular coaching centre help people achieve their dream without Leonardo Di Caprio.

2. Tiny Tits School

Never dare to send your kid in this school. What does the female teachers do inside the classroom is a big question


God, such a technical name!! What about the students? TATTI all life?

4. National School of Decency

What a creative thought. No wonder the country needs such schools in huge number.

5. Ideal Public School

What?! How is this supposed to be ‘ideal’ for your kid?

6. Howard Public School

Previously this school was called ‘Harward’ but later changed it into ‘HOWARD’.

7. Herbert School

The educational institute looks more like a legal notice than a school. Here’s all the Herbertians

8. National English School in Hindi Medium

What an idea!! The one who thought of it is surely a hilarious legend

9. Shalom English School

This is an English School with a name of a Hebrew. The founder must surely be a Jew!

10. Ghanta IIT Physics

What a ‘Ghantaeswar’ idea. Everyone’s bell definitely rings inside this class!!

11. Indian Institute Computer Technology

‘Shitted’ to? What an inspiration for students. Fun fact, the school authorities have claimed the school to be running for more than 4,500 years!!

12. Harvard University

Harvard University has set up its own franchise in India. Just that, it’s not English anymore but a rather desi version

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