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10 Most Super Hilarious Scenes From Indian Tv Shows

The Indian Television industry is one of the most growing and sought after in the entire nation. It has grown manifold in the years and has established a pretty decent status of itself. However, apart from being a classy industry with high potential talent, it has also been an industry that accomodates all the ‘weird’ stuff one can imagine.

While not everything comes out as unimaginable, yet there are many which does. Here is a list full of them.

1. A lizard who can change shape, takes the form of Lavnya to marry Divya’s fiance in the serial Divya Drishti.

2. Rahul turning into a tiger on his honeymoon days in Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum!

3. Simar transforming into a makkhi in Sausral Simar Ka.

4. Two naags share a French-kiss in the serial Naagin!

5. A gorilla falling in love with Thapki in the serial Thapki Pyaar ki.

6. Gopi Bahu washes the laptop of her husband, just to “clear his pressure”.

7. A woman trying to strangle herself with a curtain. What is the reason? A minute fight with her sister!

8. A couple trying to kiss through face shields during the global pandemic period.


9. A snake woman, who has complete makeup on, chilling on a tree while waiting for her beloved.

10. A snake woman who can shift shape transforms into a naagin in her mandap!

11. A couple accidentally getting married after the guy gets sindoor on his sleeve and starts combing near the girl. The sindoor falls on her head and boom, they’re married.

12. Mona Singh shifting into 3 personalities to and fro throughout the serial.

13. A woman tripping into a suitcase and traveling across the world because no one knew she was inside, no machine could tell it’s a human not a set of clothes and usko hosh nahin aaya bhai.

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