Priyanka Chopra Spotted Kissing A Handsome Hunk On The Streets Of New York


Bollywood’s ravishing queen, Priyanka Chopra is taking big steps in her pursuit to become an international star. Priyanka Chopra has swiftly covered the distance between Bollywood and Hollywood and is already an international sensation. The Desi Girl of the Indian film industry was in New York to shoot the third season of her TV Sitcom, Quantico.

The hot and sexy Priyanka was spotted kissing a handsome guy on a deserted road in New York and the pictures of this intimate moment went viral in no time. Now, this picture of her dressed in black and kissing a guy on the street has made her fans really eager to find out who the guy is.

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Priyanka can be seen dressed in a very hot thigh-high slit gown. The scenes of her kissing the unknown guy are from the sets of Quantico. The guy being kissed by Priyanka Chopra is none other than her Quantico Co Star Alan Powell.

This black attire in which Priyanka has been spotted and looks extravagantly stunning in comes from none other than Versace. She matched the gorgeous outfit with high heels. Her curly hair and the red lipstick make the very hot Priyanka Chopra look even hotter.

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As can be seen in these pictures, the two co-stars share some really intense chemistry between them and in this scene being shot, Priyanka just pulls Allan towards her and kisses him. In the upcoming third season, there would be more focus on Priyanka’s relationship with Allan.

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The story of Quantico’s third season would take on from where the second season left. Nothing has been revealed about the story as yet officially. But one thing is for sure, this season would be more interesting and hotter than the previous seasons. Now, we wait keenly in anticipation for the third season to be up and running.