Video: The Difference Between PM Modi And Nawaz Sharif’s Welcome In Russia Will Make Every Indian Proud


Indian prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi’s considerably late visit to Russia gave rise to plenty of speculations, especially in regards to his multiple visits to Russia’s western counterparts.

This was also important since Russia had a closer relationship to India in comparison to other ‘powers’.


But Narendra Modi’s Russian visits’ dividends and further declarations were far too great, than perceived change in friendships.

Russia and Pakistan had an on and off affair which was always marred by Russia preference and support to India.

Russia assisted Pakistan in numerous fronts, but refused to side with Pakistan during East Bangladesh crisis and Indo Pak War of 1971.

Post the Indo-US nuclear deal of 2005 though, Russia got more receptive to Pakistan. In 2014 Russia’s delivery of arms to Pakistan got much headlines, but it also conducted Military drills with India and in process effectively ensured some sort of a balance.

But in this already famous video, one can see the difference Indian and Pakistan premiers elicit in Russia.

Nawaz Sharif is grandly welcomed, but it came off as a rather subtle affair which seemed to come out of Diplomatic needs and not a genuine welcome.

The whole affair seemed rather ‘sweet’ instead of what one would expect at a friendly nation’s Prime Minister’s welcome. The party fed him a sweet dish which he happily consumed and proceeded to his visit.

Now comparing this to the welcome ceremony presented to Narendra Modi’s visit, we can see a stark contrast.  Even before the plane arrived, we can see the full military honors and welcome waiting for him.

As a portion of Russia’s famous and formidable army stood in anticipation, Russian delegates too waited and the whole event was covered extensively across national media of  both countries and Internationally.

But as the Indian Prime Minister walked on receiving the salutes, we cannot ignore Narendra Modi and Nawaz Sharif in their individual capacities too.

Nawaz Sharif is famously known for buckling under Military Pressure, or rather the buckling situation is never reached as the decisions themselves are made under the patronage of the Infamous Pakistani Military and ISI.

Sharif’s history and actions have never been able to command respect, nationally or internationally.  From his election to his rule, he has been riddled with controversies, all of which culminated in him being removed from his post by Supreme Court for life. The longest serving Prime Minister of Pakistan got a similar response from Russia too.

In comparison, Narendra Modi’s success in diplomacy has been one of his strongest qualities. He has spent an important part of his tenure building relations across nations and in the process has signed many important deals.

He commands respect not only through his diplomacy, but through his personality and history too. Though wrapped in controversies, the PM had always maintained the image of a strong leader and followed it up with actions to prove the same.


Video: The Difference Between PM Modi And Nawaz Sharif’s Welcome In Russia Will Make Every Indian Proud


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Whether it’s about unprecedented policy changes or firm responses, Narendra Modi has proved himself true to his image and also worthy of the respect he deserves.