These 10 People Make Travelling On Planes A Very Difficult Task


Travelling by the airplane is always a very exciting affair for everyone. In this regard, it should be mentioned that air travel is very much different from other modes of communication.

Since a lot of passengers travel here, there is more chance for the spread of wastes and germs. So, a responsible passenger should always be careful about the basic etiquettes to maintain a proper hygiene and clean condition in a flight. Now you would come to know about 10 such people who should be immediately banned from air travel in order to prevent the spread of germs. These examples are sure to irritate you.


1.Somebody please tell this idiot that an airplane is not the right place to dry your socks. Do not treat the flight as a dryer.

2.Posing shirtless is not an ideal thing to do in a plane. At least care for the others as well! Your sweats might give rise to germs which would not be very good for the next passenger who has the same seat as yours.

3.What is he trying to do? Grab his balls in the mod of a flight? Please no one is interested in your hidden treasure. So better keep those hidden.

4.Hey man! This is not your personal bin. Please make the minimum effort to throw your garbage in the proper place. In case you cannot locate, take the help from the attendants.


5.Public Display of affection is the last horrible thing to do on the flight! Please refrain from doing this. Also, do not treat the turbulence as your home.

6.Now this is a very innovative idea. Using the plastic bag which generally holds the blanket or pillow over your head and warming yourself up.

7.There is no place to rest your dirty hair in the flight. Be careful not to be a cause of irritation to others. Don’t be selfish and that is technically not your seat either.

8.Appendages are not adjusted to be flown in a flight. The temperature won’t suit. Please be careful while doing such silly things.

9.Okay! This is not your drawing room. Please don’t make others’ journey a horrible one by doing such stuff. Moreover, it looks very arrogant. If you need so much comfort then why not book your personal flight?

10.Everyone loves dolls. But not creepy dolls. And definitely not in the flight. At least thing about the children in the flight! And it is not about the flight. Why would you buy it at the first place for that matter?