Leading Indian actress Kangana Ranaut completely destroyed Hrithik Roshan on the latest episode of Aap Ki Adalat and made some shocking revelations related to the ongoing  Kangana-Hrithik controversy.


Kangana didn’t mince with her words on the show and stood up for herself. She accused Hrithik of playing the villain in their fiasco and didn’t shy from revealing minute details about her relationship with Hrithik. She even revealed some shocking details about how Aditya Pancholi mentally harassed her and lambasted the women commission for not doing it’s job diligently.

But then India being India, certain netizens didn’t leave the chance to come up with funny Memes on the controversy and made it an altogether different experience. With a pinch of humor and wit, they played around with Kangana’s shocking revelations and created some hilariously funny Memes.

In this post, the team of Funniest Indian has compiled some of the funniest Memes which netizens created on twitter.

Here are some of the funniest Memes created by twitter users:

1- Afterall Starbucks is such a luxury

2- And we feel like killing that friend

3- My life, My Rules!

4- Sabkey sab dhongi hai!

5- Who orders a bisleri when you can get free water.

6- Because the size matters.

7- Only a regular traveler can understand the pain of traveling by bus

8- Torrent Zindabad!

9- The truth of life!

10- When you don’t have money to even buy a pair of socks but your friends ask, Goa chalega kya?

11- Creativity gives money in the long run

12- Open advertisement of piracy!

Isn’t twitter the best place to lighten your mood? With unlimited reactions and funny interpretation of every topic, twitter serves as the best place to lighten your mood and find entertainment, even in the most serious of topics.

The Kangana-Hrithik controversy is now being played in public and we can only hope Kangana finds the justice she is looking for.