This Stump-Mic Audio Proves That Virat Kohli Is One Of The Most Intelligent Cricketers In The World


We often wonder what our favourite cricketers talk about and discuss in the middle, during a match. We are always curious to know about the mindset and how cricketers plan everything because we don’t get to hear their conversations that happen in the middle.


In the ongoing Test match between India and South Africa, the stump mic’s volume is up and we are getting to hear a lot of conversations in the middle between players from both the sides.

Yesterday, we shared Virat Kohli and Murali Vijay’s funny conversation. Virat Kohli, in his trademark style, gave an epic advice to his batting partner Murali Vijay. He said: “Shaam tak khelenge, G**nd phat jayegi”.


Virat Kohli is leading Indian from the front in the Test match and holding one end up while scoring runs at a good pace. His counter-attacking batting has put South Africa under a lot of pressure and if he keeps going for a few more sessions, the match can slip away from the Proteas.

We all know that Indian captain Virat Kohli is one of the most passionate cricketers in the world. He is also a very good student of the game and keeps sharing his inputs with his teammates in the middle.

On Day 3 of the ongoing Test, stump mic recorded a brilliant conversation between Hardik Pandya and Virat Kohli. Check it out:

Virat Kohli: Yahan pe change kiya (He changed it in this delivery)

Hardik Pandya: Andar ke liye leke hi bhaagaa tha (He started to run with the one that would drift in)

Virat Kohli: Jo leke niklega agar change karega toh uska opposite hai (The side of the ball he runs in with, if he changes, the movement will be opposite)

Hardik Pandya: Main bataaun aapko? (Should I tell you on what he is doing?)

Virat Kohli: Nahin nahin, mujhe dikha, main bataa raha hun. [No, no.. I picked it, I am just telling you the strategy

Watch the video: