As board exams are approaching, student all over the country are under stress. Usually during this time of the year, because of stress and pressure of exams, students gets depressed and really worried about exams.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has been very concerned about the students and recently, he interacted with the school students in an event. During the event, PM Modi guided and talked to the students on various issues.

He event took place in Talkatora Stadium, New Delhi and it was named “Pariksha par Charcha”. The event was organised because PMO has been receiving many questions from across the country about how to deal with the competition and stress during this time.


The students were given chance to ask questions from Prime Minister Narendra Modi. During this Question and Answer session, one student asked a question to our PM Narendra Modi that brought a smile on every single person’s face including our Prime Minister himself.

The student questioned :
“How is PM Modi preparing, as he’ll also be facing an exam in the form of Lok Sabha elections next year and is he nervous?”

Prime Minister didn’t miss the chance of having some fun with his witty answer. He said that is he was the teacher of the student who asked him the question, he would have advised him to become a journalist because, only journalist ask such questions in the trickiest manner, in his words “Aise lapet ke sawal toh journalists hi puchte hain”

Prime Minister also said:
I wish you all the best for your board exams. For my board exams, I have the wishes of 125 crore Indians with me.”

Here’s the video of PM Modi’s interaction with that student, have a look:

No doubt, PM Modi is having every Indians wishes for his exams in Lok Sabha. This was an amazing gesture by our Prime Minster.

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