Video: Fans Harassed Manushi Chhillar At The Airport And Her Miss World Crown Fell Down


Manushi Chhillar has been all over the news after making India proud by winning the prestigious Miss World competition few days back.

She is the only Indian to be crowned after Priyanka Chopra last won it back in 2000. However, upon landing at Mumbai airport she was harassed by a mob making her crown fall off.

India had to wait for seventeen years to get another Miss World from the country. When she was crowned, all Indians felt proud of the achievement of the Haryana medical student who had to compete with participants from all over the world.

Manushi Chhillar landed at Mumbai airport and a huge crowd was waiting for her. It is evident from the video of the incident that the security measures taken to tackle such gathering were not perfect.

She was surrounded by few policemen who acted as her bodyguard but they were outnumbered by the mob and media personnel.

Every fan present there wanted a selfie with her and media outlets were looking for a bite. It resulted in such a rush that her crown fell off from her head.

It was a huge shame for everyone. She made India proud by winning that crown but couldn’t keep it on the head. She managed to remain graceful despite everything and smiled all the way.

She took selfies with her fans and even gave brief interviews to the media outlets. She was seen waving to her fans and thanking them for coming to see her at the airport. But this incidence again shows how Indians refrain to give space to their celebrities.

There could have been major security risks for her if things had gone wrong. It again shows how we need to be more careful about the security of our celebrities.

Video: Fans Harassed Manushi Chhillar At The Airport And Her Miss World Crown Fell Down